What Color Are You? Here’s a CLUE

The colorful players-and suspects-of the game. Image: http://7criminalminds.blogspot.com/

Next time you struggle deciding which color to paint: ask yourself -Who am I? Am I Smart? Sexy? Demanding? Demure? Practical-or practically never? It will help solve the mystery. Now let me CLUE you in on how.

As a kid when everyone else wanted to play Monopoly, I wanted no part of it. I wanted to play CLUE. When you had the choice of dreary real estate decisions or solving a sexy murder mystery, it was no contest.

Let the game begin! Image: http://boardgames.lovetoknow.com

In 1949 an English law clerk invented a board game to while away the hours during endless air-raid drills. The board depicted a fictitious English manor house with a ballroom, billiard room, conservatory, library, secret passages, etc. And each of the characters (and suspects) was named after a different color. How cool is that? So I’m gamely suggesting, when in doubt as to what color to paint your billiard room, examine the evidence: what color kind of character are you anyway?

Are you a sultry siren? Do you worship the spotlight? Is the world smitten by your very presence when you enter a room?

2 Scarlet Super Stars. Red Jackie, 1965 by Andy Warhol: and http://style.time.com/

Then you are definitely Miss Scarlet. You love bold noticeable colors, you femme fatale you. Your colors are as hot and enchanting as you are.

Running rampant in Red! Image: http://www.icangiveyourhouse.com/ Seeing Red: “The Red Studio” by Henri Matisse. Scarlet power: The Red Room at the White House.

Or maybe you are more rigid and always ready. You’re a straight shooter. Then I’ve got to say, you’re Colonel Mustard.

Well suited to Mustard. Images: http://becolorful.typepad.com/ (left); http://gucci.com.com (right)

Your rooms are worldly and orderly, with just a hint of well-travelled danger. The colors of sun, sand and the safari suit you best.

Sunny safari colors. Image: http://devinedecoratingresults.com/
The Georgian Yellow Drawing Room of “Goodwood House” in England. Image: http://www.countrylifeimages.co.uk/
A slick of Mustard in a graphic kitchen. Image: http://www.hgthecountess.blogspot.com/

Do you crave cleanliness and order so much that you can taste it? Then perhaps you’re a Mrs. White.

A “Downton Abbey” worthy Mrs. White in her kitchen. Images: http://barefootintheorchard.blogspot.com/ (left and right); http://www.pbs.org/ (center)

The mansion’s cook knows a thing or two about how to serve up a perfectly presented home. And nothing is more pleasing to this delicious purist than white, white and just a pinch more white.

White is right for this culinary classic. Image: http://www.homedesigning.com/
A 1957 Alexander Girard interior at the “Miller House” in Columbus, Indiana. Photo by Ezra Stoller
Clean and lean. Image: http://www.luvne.com/

So you’re a man of mystery: charming-yet cunning. No one really knows that much about you, or how exactly you became so fabulous.

Could this be the jungle hideaway of the mysterious Mr. Green? Images: http://www.homeidea4u.com/ (left); http://www.dsquared2.com/ (right)

No, Mr. Green, only you know. Living in those sleek, chic surroundings the color of money has got us all guessing: how did he do it? We’re all green with envy.

Napoleon’s own emerald Billard Room. Image: http://www.mrodenberg.com/
Back from the Green market. Image: http://www.megbraff.com/
A striking use of chartreuse. Image: http://sevenhomeideas.blogspot.com/

Never anything less than dignified? Then perhaps you’re just like that stylishly aristocratic socialite, Mrs. Peacock.

A matching Aston Martin and Gucci gown for the elegant Mrs. Peacock. Images: http://www.sportscardigest.com/ (left); http://www.gucci.com (right)

A more elegant bird is hard to imagine. Her attention to etiquette is as correct as her attention to a room’s tiniest detail. All that shining, shimmering iridescence has its proper place, after all.

There are lots of proper places for Peacock Blue in interiors.
Images: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/ (left);
Images: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/ (center);
Images: http://www.fieldstonehilldesign.com/ (right)
James McNeill Whistler’s Peacock room from 1876. Image: http://www.si.edu/

But then again, if you’re really as smart as you think you are, you’ve got to be Professor Plum.

The purple prose and purple portal of Professor Plum. Images: http://www.etsy.com (left); http://www.thelifeofawife.com (right)

Always questioning, asking, researching-always on the verge of the next great thing. From your front door to your foyer, it’s obvious who lives here: a man as deep and rich and interesting as the colors he loves.

The use of Plum provides interesting small spaces. Images:
http://www.inspirebohemia.com/ (left);
http://www.theluxuryspot.com/ (right);
Plum makes a smart backdrop for a library of books. Image: http://www.elledecor.com/

So see how easy that was to figure out? Now that you’ve solved the mystery as to what color character you are, there will be no more difficult decorating decisions! Right? Ever.

Oh, but I forgot – it’s only a game.

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