Daring Jewel Heist!-Color Named Culprit!

Images: http://thehollywoodprojects.com/ (top); http://www.austindiamonddistrict.com/ (bottom)

Stop! Thief!

Too late. Another bold burglary-and again in broad daylight. Yet more jewels have been taken. But never fear; they’ll turn up again, as they always do-as gorgeous, sparkling, fire-filled Colors for us all to covet. And for a fortunate few to make their own.

Above: The “Darya-e Noor” (Sea of Light) diamond creates many carats of Pink ideas. Images: http://famousdiamonds.tripod.com (left); http://www.shelterness.com (right)

For millenia, we have been matching our clothes, tinting our toes and painting our palaces in the raw rich colors of precious gems.

Above: Topaz is mined for color cues in Mexico. Image: http://www.lehighminerals.com/ (top); Photo: Laura Handler, http://handlernyc.com/ (bottom)

From the hot and dirty depths of the earth, man has extracted stones of such brilliance and beauty that wars have been fought over them, queens beheaded because of them, and occasionally, we are inspired to paint the powder room in deference to the spectacular color of them.

Above: The Maharaja of Patiala’s massive jewels are a kings ranson of color riches. Images: http://paloma81.blogspot.com/ (left); http://en.vogue.fr/ (center); http://3.lushome.com (right)

Great beauties seem to always have great jewels.

Above: Gina Lollobrigida’s Emerald danglers make for dandy kitchen colors. Images: http://telegraph.co.uk/ (top); http://www.nancyanddavid.com/blog (top right); http://www.housebeautiful.com/ (bottom left); http://www.thecottagemarket.com/ (bottom right)

Richard Burton once said that Elizabeth Taylor “knows only one word of Italian and that’s Bulgari.” It’s really not hard to figure out that beautiful women = beautiful gems, so it seems only fair for us to steal from them to create beautiful color inspired by their lucky bounty.

Above: From the “Taj Mahal” necklance (on her head no less) to the rest of her pile, Elizabeth Taylor’s gems continue to inspire. Images: http://www.bombaypink.com/ (top left & bottom right); http://www.dougandgenemeyer.com/ (top right); http://shilupoudel.blogspot.com/ (bottom left)

Miss Taylor had one of the great jewelry collections in the world. 8 marriages greatly increase the odds of assembling a true treasure trove.

Above: Elizabeth Taylor Coral flavors a delicious dining room. Images: http://blog.jewelove.in/ (left); www.housebeautiful.com/ (right)

She had egg-sized Emeralds, braces of Burma Rubies, scads of Sapphires, and of course, all of those Diamonds. It’s not hard to admire her hoards of magnificent Greens, Reds, Blues, and blinding Whites and want them on our walls and floors and furniture. This clever Cleopatra was also partial to “off” colors, like Coral, and Turquoise and Amethyst.

Above: Why not let Ms. Taylor’s Turquoise dress up your dressing room? Images: http://www.bombaypink.com/ (left); http://alkemie.blogspot.com/ (right)

The Duchess of Windsor was also not one to take jewels (or a shot at a crown) lightly and she also loved odd and eccentric color combinations, and shapes, in her gem choices.

Above: This dainty dazzler from the Duchess of Windsor is just the thing to rock the parlour. Images: http://en.vogue.fr/ (top left & bottom right); http://www.zunetop.com/ (top right); http://www.pandashouse.com/ (bottom left)

How about a “flamingo” in rubies, emeralds and sapphires instead of the expected pink?

Above: A Windsor brooch approach to the beach

Images: http://www.collectorsweekly.com/ (top); http://www.pinterest.com/ (bottom)

So it’s OK to pilfer color ideas from these high profile personalities. And honestly, they were simply filching from centuries of the crowned heads of many nations.

Above: Royal Rubies are the right choice for Reds. Images: http://style31mag.com (top); http://www.dsgnbook.com (bottom)

Kings and Queens and Pashas and Potentates have been adorning themselves with pounds of the most glorious and gloriously colorful gemstones forever. Catherine the Great had one heck of a ruby on her head.

Above: From head to table, Catherine the Great’s crown is a great color. Images: http://www.imbusyprocrastinating.com/ (left); http://voiceofrussia.com/ (right)

Queen Elizabeth of England may be known for her conservative clothes, but when it comes to the jewelry department, watch out Lady Gaga!

The Maharajas of India papered themselves in blinding bling. The Ottoman Sultans gave us the Topkapi Emeralds.

Above: Stealing the Topkapi Emeralds for a room or for real (really just in a movie). Images: http://www.sedefscorner.com (left); http://www.pinterest.com (right); http://www.retrocinema.wetcircuit.com (bottom)

And now even Damien Hirst-art royalty of today-paints in pure perfect jewel colors, and is even dabbling in Diamonds!.

Above: Damien Hirst goes dotty for jewel tones. Images: http://www.pinterest.com/ (left); http://arrestedmotion.com/ (right)

Above: Hirst’s Diamond and platinum skull heads straight to the living room. Images: http://www.fadwebsite.com/ (top); http://www.ciiwa.com/ (bottom)

Even though some think that jewels, like the Hope Diamond for instance, may be a curse, in terms of color ideas, it’s pretty hard to find a greater gift.

Above: So you knew the “Hope Diamond” was Blue? This room did too. Images: http:www.thefrenchblue.com/ (top); http://www.accentondesign.net (bottom)

So what if you haven’t been showered in baubles? That doesn’t mean you can’t steal from someone who has.

Above: “Talk to me Harry Winston, tell me all about it.” Image: http://en.vogue.fr/

And I promise not to turn you in.

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